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Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Returns Policy – Fine-Tuning Your Zach Bryan Collection Harmony in Returns

Harmony in Returns:

In the melody of merchandise and music, sometimes a note may not resonate as expected. If your Zach Bryan merch doesn’t sing in harmony with your expectations, we’re here to retune your experience.

The Encore – 7-Day Return Symphony:

From the moment your merch arrives, you have a 7-day encore to ensure it’s the perfect addition to your collection. If something’s amiss, let us orchestrate a solution.

The Lost Ballads – Handling Lost Orders:

If your order becomes a lost ballad, vanishing in transit, we’ll conduct a replacement or a refund. Consider it our commitment to keeping the music alive, at no extra verse to you.

Fine Print in Chorus – Eligibility for Returns:

Your item hits the right notes for a return if:
  • The print’s more blurred than a forgotten lyric.
  • The image isn’t centered, like a song missing its chorus.
  • The package differs from your setlist order.
  • Delivery’s left it torn or dirty, like a poster after a rainy concert.
  • It doesn’t match the size, color, or style of your original composition.
  • Any off-tune mistakes on our part.
Spot a misstep? Conduct a message to us with visual proof and your order number. We’ll verify and replace or refund your item.
Note: Returns are set for items in their original, unworn, unwashed state, like a record that’s never left its sleeve.

Refund Rhapsody – Processing Your Refund:

Eligible for a refund? We’ll process it within 5 business days. It’s a smooth reversal, ensuring your financial melody remains uninterrupted.

Solo of Shipping Costs:

While we harmonize with refunds, the solo of shipping costs remains unsung in refunds. Return shipping charges are not covered if you receive a refund.

Coda – Late or Missing Refunds:

If your refund’s taking a detour, check your bank account first. Then, a chat with your credit card company or bank might be needed. Still no sign? Reach out to us at [email protected].

Exchange Encore:

Encounter an issue upon unboxing? Snap a picture and reach out with your order number. Once verified, we’ll send a replacement, ensuring your Zach Bryan collection is pitch-perfect.


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